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About Us

About Us

We know how difficult and disorientating it can be when someone you love passes away

So we’re here to help!

About our Funeral Directors
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We’ll guide you through all the different things you’ll need to…

Think about, decide and do.
From what to do when someone passes away, through to the service, burial and on to what happens after the funeral.

Together we can create a completely unique and personalised service – the way you want it to be. We will listen carefully to what you and your family want and offer a complete choice and flexibility in your arrangements.

Antony Jeffrey
Funeral Director, Orthodox Funerals
Call to ask us any question: 1300 211 010
Funeral Directors

​Our licensed and supportive Funeral Directors

are here to guide you through this Difficult Journey

Orthodox Funerals is an Australian-owned family Funeral business which has arranged Christian Orthodox Funerals in the Greater Sydney and NSW region for over 30 years. When it comes to farewelling a loved one, Orthodox Funerals acknowledges and respects the traditions and values of the Christian Orthodox Church, while also providing care, support and guidance to families during the difficult journey after the death of a person who is dear to them.

The holistic approach which Orthodox Funerals takes in preparing and fulfilling their divine duty to bereaved families and the deceased, has made them the most relied on Funeral Directors and trusted funeral service in Sydney when it comes to arranging Orthodox funerals for all cultures including Antiochian, Armenian, Coptic, Greek, Macedonian, Romanian, Russian and Serbian Orthodox funerals.

When it comes to planning a funeral for a loved one, Orthodox Funerals has the knowledge that comes with thirty years of experience to ensure the funeral of a beloved person becomes a graceful and comforting representation of love, gratitude and dignified honouring to the eternal memory of the deceased’s soul.

In providing bespoke and quality Christian Orthodox Funeral Services to hundreds and thousands of Orthodox families over the years, Orthodox Funerals is a trusted and recommended business by the:

We offer a number of services as part of our funeral planning and can help you arrange everything from memorial cards, clergy, transportation, catering and purchase of flowers, caskets and more.

Call our experienced Funeral Directors 24 hours a day, for immediate care, assistance and more information on 1300 211 700 or email us on

Antony Jeffrey

Antony Jeffrey

Funeral Director
Harry Jeffrey

Harry Jeffrey

Funeral Director

Arranging high quality Orthodox Funerals since 1990

Exceptional Compliments

The Orthodox Way

“Death is swallowed up in victory.” (1 Cor. 15:54)

The most profound loss occurs with the death of a loved one. Death, anticipated or sudden, is capable of devastating those left behind. It may thrust the bereaved into a mix of physical and emotional responses: sorrow, anxiety, tears, anger, regret, and disbelief, among others. Grief is an expression of our enduring love for one another, a love that continues even in their absence: “Love has no measure. It is infinite” (Mother Gavrilia, An Ascetic of Love).

How to deal with the grieving process

The liturgical rhythm of prayers, services, and customs of the Orthodox Faith serve to transform our grief and lead us into deeper communion with Christ. To learn more about the traditional Orthodox Funeral Service and Memorials click here.

Orthodox Customs and Beliefs

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