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We take great pride in having the Finest Facilities

Orthodox Funerals guarantees the highest standard of service all over Sydney, NSW and beyond.

Our physical facilities include:

  • Sitting rooms which provide a friendly and comforting space for families and friends to discuss matters which ease the pain of a loved one. This space is a peaceful sanctuary where close people of the deceased can relax and gain reassurance.
  • Display room which offers a view of the different caskets and coffins which are available. Orthodox Funerals stock the finest and most elegantly crafted coffins and caskets to compliment the desires and budget of the bereaved.
  • Various chapels to choose from where the bereaved can pray, reflect and be in peaceful solitude.
  • Different wakes and function rooms which are equipped with bathroom and kitchen facilities. Orthodox Funerals aims to provide comfort both physically and mentally where guests can keep each other company and provide support and love in a safe and peaceful environment.
  • Mortuary which is quality controlled and is equipped with all the necessary services and refrigeration needed to look after bodies of the deceased.
  • Hearses which are specially designed for every family’s needs.  Inspired by traditional Orthodox values, Orthodox Funerals’ hearses encapsulate these traditional values and practices with a modern elements incorporated. Each line of hearses has their own theme, motifs and designs to choose from.
  • An elegant and high quality fleet of mourning cars. Orthodox Funerals provides families with the option of prestigious mourning cars so that the bereaved can be safely transported in a timely manner without worries and stress on difficult days such as the day of a loved one’s funeral.
  • Brand new mortuary ambulance which is fully equipped with all the amenities that can help prevent any unforeseen events.

Should you want to view Orthodox Funeral’s facilities, we encourage you to call us on 1300 211 700 or email us on for an appointment. The friendly staff at Orthodox Funerals will provide you with a guided tour and answer any questions you may have.

Our Vehicles

Orthodox Funerals has a fleet of prestige vehicles and trained drivers available to accommodate for a family’s needs before, during and after a funeral. If you have any questions or need assistance please call 1300 211 700.

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