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Armenian Orthodox Funerals

Armenian Orthodox Funeral Services Sydney

Armenian Orthodox Funerals

If you are recently bereaved and searching for guidance in Sydney on Armenian funeral services, our Armenian Orthodox Funeral Service is the right choice for you. 

At Orthodox Funeral Services, we will ensure your Armenian funeral service is performed with the utmost care and attention to detail. We know that Armenian funerals are very formal affairs, with customs and traditions many other funeral homes may be unprepared for.


The Timing of Armenian Funeral Services

One of the first decisions that must be made after death, is when to hold the funeral service. In the Armenian Orthodox Church, funeral services are typically held very soon after a death occurs. This is because Armenians believe that the soul of the deceased does not begin its journey to the afterlife until the funeral service is completed.

If you are not able to arrange a funeral service on the day of the death, Armenian funeral customs allow for the service to be held up to three days after the death has occurred. After that point, it is believed that the soul of the deceased has already begun its journey and will not benefit from the funeral service.

The Funeral at an Armenian Orthodox Church

An Armenian funeral has three distinct parts to its service: Dan Gark, Yegeghetsvo Gark and Kerezmanee Gark. The Dan Gark portion is usually held the night before, with the other two parts are held the next day.

Dan Gark

A Dan Gark, or wake, is a gathering of family and friends at a loved one’s home the night before the funeral. The mourners grieve during this stage of an Armenian funeral.

Yegeghetsvo Gark

The church service, Yegeghetsvo Gark, is an Armenian Orthodox religious ritual that families almost always conduct in an Armenian church sanctuary. No other rites, speeches, or eulogies are given during this serious part of the funeral. The priest typically provides a brief summary of the deceased person’s life during the funeral sermon.

Kerezmanee Gark

Kerezmanee Gark is the graveside service during which an Armenian family lays their loved one to rest. The burial is an integral part of the Armenian funeral tradition with its own set of rituals.

Armenian Orthodox Funeral Rituals

There are more rituals honouring the life of the deceased that happen at specific intervals after the burial, known as Requiem Services. 

Requiem services are days of remembrance celebrated by the family and close friends. They usually consist of a gathering for a meal where memories are shared. These traditionally take place on the day of death, one day after the burial service, on the seventh and 40th days after the death and conclude on the first anniversary of death.

Armenian Funeral Services in Sydney

If you have experienced a loss of a loved one who was of Armenian faith, trust Orthodox Funeral Services to lay them to rest with the honour and tradition they deserve. If you have questions about specific offerings, give us a call at 1300 211 700, and we will be happy to answer them.

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