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Macedonian Orthodox Funerals

Macedonian Orthodox Funeral Services Sydney

Macedonian Orthodox Funerals

If you have recently lost a loved one and are looking for a funeral service in Sydney, you may be wondering whether you can have a traditional Macedonian Orthodox funeral service. Macedonian Orthodox funeral services are designed to provide comfort and support to the grieving family of the deceased.

At Orthodox Funeral Services, we are here to ensure you have the traditional Macedonian Orthodox Funeral you need. We work with you, ensuring no detail is missed while providing the traditional Macedonian funeral services you are looking for.

About a Macedonian Orthodox Funeral Service

A Macedonian Orthodox funeral service provides comfort and support to the family of the deceased through three distinct traditional tributes: a vigil service, or wake, a service with prayers and readings, and a final anointing of the body.

Vigil Service

The deceased is brought to the church and prepared for the vigil.  The Macedonian funeral service is typically done in an Orthodox church, with the casket in front of the altar. The traditional prayer service for the deceased, called Trisagion, or last viewing, is conducted by the priest, usually the evening before the funeral.  After which, the body is carried from the vigil to the funeral service by a procession. If there is not a traditional procession, the recitation of the Trisagion marks the end of the vigil.

Prayers and Readings

On the day of burial service, the priest leads the family and friends of the deceased in prayers and readings from the Bible. These passages enforce loved ones’ religious convictions regarding the truth of Christ’s Death and Resurrection. Macedonian Orthodox followers believe these scriptures point to Judgement Day truth, that our bodies will be resurrected immortal and without corruption. Following the readings, the priest offers a prayer for the repose of the deceased.


The dismissal prayer is followed by a final farewell ceremony to the deceased. Mourners file toward the casket to look upon their loved ones, while hymns are sung in the background. Each person is invited to pray upon and kiss the deceased as they pass. This is partially an expression of love and partially an affirmation of God’s promise fulfilled through the loved one’s faith and testimony. This processional is followed by an anointment of the body with oil and earth.

How Mourning is Handled in the Macedonian Orthodox Church 

Macedonian Orthodox Christians mourn their loved one’s death for forty days, during which, the third, ninth, and 40th days are considered significant. After the 40-day period of mourning, memorials are held 3, 6, 9, and 12 month-intervals for seven years. Immediate relatives, such as widows or widowers may mourn for one year, by wearing only black and regularly reciting Panikhidas, or small prayer ceremonies with hymns. Close relatives of the departed may stay home from work for a full week and choose to avoid social gatherings for up to two months to mark their mourning.

If you are in the Sydney area or surrounding areas and need a Macedonian Orthodox Funeral, consider our services at Orthodox Funeral Services. 

If you have any questions about a Macedonian Orthodox funeral service, call us at 1300 211 700.

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