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Pre Paid Funerals Sydney

Details to Consider When Pre-Planning

There are many important details which need to be considered when pre-planning a funeral. The most important are:

  • Type of service (eg. religious or civil).
  • Venue (eg. church, public space).
  • Special features for the service, such as a favourite poem or music.
  • Your preference for burial or cremation.
  • Your preferred cemetery or crematorium.
  • Special features for the internment ceremony (eg. release of doves or butterflies)
  • Special wishes of your family.
  • Mourning vehicles.
  • Death notices.
  • Flowers or donations to a charity.

The funeral directors at Orthodox Funeral Services can arrange a convenient time to discuss these details with you further and arrange to meet you at a location where you feel most comfortable.

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Take control of What Matters Most

Save your loved one’s the added grief, stress and burden of organising your funeral

As a part of funeral planning, paying for your funeral services now at today’s current prices is a big cost saving measure instead of paying it upon death where the price will vary and will most probably be inflated. This is perhaps the main reason why people consider “buying” their funeral in advance: it helps prevent inflation/variation in cost.

Incidentally, by getting a pre-arranged, pre-paid funeral service, you will be relieving your family and relatives of the financial burden from the arrangement.  In fact, you will be independently planning your funeral and making all the decisions yourself, without having to rely on somebody else to make those choices for you.

There are two different ways in paying for a pre-paid funeral service:  a lump sum payment or payment by instalments.  We at Orthodox Funeral Services cater to any mode of payment because we understand each clients’ need.  The question that mostly arises from this situation is “what happens to the money that has been paid?”, or in short, whether the funds paid are secure. The payment which is made in advance for a funeral comes under Orthodox Funerals’ company Pre-paid Funeral Policy. This policy warrants that any funds which are paid towards a pre-paid funeral are secure and will be accessed at the time the funeral needs to take place.

Planning for your funeral ahead of time not only takes the burden away from family members but it also means that Orthodox Funerals can provide you with the funeral service you envisaged and deserve. We will provide you with careful assistance and help you make the difficult decisions. Pre-paying your funeral is the kind of investment worth making as it is not only a payment which is a necessity in anyone’s life (sooner or later) but it is also a cost that doesn’t need to be unexpected, burdening or worrying for someone who inadvertently has to pay for somebody else’s funeral.

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Count On Us

Pre-paid Funeral Plan Benefit

A pre-paid funeral plan benefit guarantees your funeral preferences and that they will be carried out accordingly in the most professional and dignified manner which will be meaningful to the deceased and their family.  The services are specifically mapped out in the Pre-paid Funeral Agreement which will be strictly followed in full.

This kind of benefit plan is an assurance that you will be getting the kind of funeral you desire without worrying about future inflation rates or any decisions that could be made contrary to what you would want.  It is a reality that prices today will increase in the next couple of years and investing in a pre-paid funeral plan is one of the most thrifty ways in saving money because it avoids exorbitant costs which loved one’s could be met with in the future.

Pre-paid funeral benefit plans help protect pension and money which is investeed in a funeral benefit plan will not affect an individual’s pension.  Asset testing is also prevented it it will not deeming.

A funeral benefit plan is meant to provide you with a peace of mind.  Your money is monitored, invested, and kept safe by an independent professional body that is regulated by the government to ensure that the invested amounts will be available for use upon your death.

Meaningful memorialisation of a loved one’s passing can transform, heal, and comfort us. It highlights our loved ones’ sacrifices, reminds us of the things that they value, and inspires us with their eternal memory.

Funeral Bonds

Orthodox Funeral Service’s preferred funeral bond company is:

Bendigo Funeral Bond
Australian Friendly Society

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