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Funeral Pre-Planning


Planning ahead provides peace of mind

… and demonstrates Love and Consideration

For Your Family

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Perhaps you have already decided to plan the one aspect of your life which is destined for all us – our funeral. Particularly as you grow older, the thought about death, dying and what happens afterwards becomes a more realistic and common thought. Early funeral planning removes the future burden of that one anticipated yet sudden moment in every person’s life which leaves a lasting impact. In its own way, pre-planning abolishes worries and stresses for those that remain with the responsibility of taking care of a deceased loved one. The funeral itself is a stressful situation involving the emotional turmoil of the family members and relatives. With the correct pre-planning, it helps soothe and relieves the weight that will be carried by the people nearest to you.

Pre-planning is a common part of our everyone’s life, particularly when it comes to saving and budgeting for travel, buying assets such as a house or care and overall most expenses in life take consideration or planning and contributing money towards this plan. In the same way, when one plans in advance for their funeral, they are making conscious steps towards securing a funeral which they desire without having to place this expectation on other people.

Orthodox Funerals has been helping many people to make a successful funeral pre-plans. We have been organising and tailoring each funeral service to satisfy every person’s individualised need. These days most people are open-minded about planning ahead as they continually see and witness the benefits of planning for the future. Many testimonials from people who have pre-planned their funeral have expressed their satisfaction in saving money, effort, stress and worry from those they love and care.

Funeral pre-planning involves making the choice whether one would prefer to be buried or cremated, where and when it will take place (cemetery, chapel, graveside, church or any comfortable place), who will be present and how many guests will be accomodated, if there will be music, food, transport and so forth.

All the practical arrangements will be organised by Orthodox and our experts will provide you with all the options and explain to you carefully what they are. We will guide you in making decisions from the beginning to the end of the funeral service. Orthodox Funerals endeavours to fulfill the wishes of each of their clients’ and understands the importance of offering surety that everything will go as planned and hoped.

The funeral directors at Orthodox Funerals will also provide assistance in completing the necessary documents and certificates together with the arrangement of the clergy and the services of the church, cemetery or the crematorium. Funeral plans provide the best opportunity in commemorating the life of a deceased person appropriately and significantly. We believe that every individual who has passed away deserves a memorable celebration and it is our responsibility to fulfill that.

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Reduce Stress and Uncertainty, Pre-Pay Your Funeral

The grief and pain of losing a loved one is enough to bear without the extra worry or burden of paying for the funeral. An Orthodox Funeral Services prepaid funeral will save your family the added stress of having to take money from their life savings or take out a loan to provide a deceased loved one with a fitting final goodbye.

Pre-paying a funeral is no different from pre-paying other life events, such as insurance and retirement income.

Many times family and relatives do not communicated and agree on the funeral and burial wishes of a person before they pass away, particularly if the death is unexpected. This is why it is important for individuals to decide what type of funeral they would prefer instead of leaving this difficult decision to their family.

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Top Reasons for

Pre-planned and Pre-Paid Your Funeral

  • Pay at today’s prices – no inflation increase or variation in cost.
  • Fully guaranteed – our contract ensures your peace of mind.
  • Pension protection – prepayments are invested in government Funeral Bonds which are not subject to the Assets Testing or Deeming.
  • No time limit – one more thing you don’t have to worry about.
  • Your wishes will be followed entirely.
  • Full benefits – Orthodox Funerals’ complete service applies to prepaid funerals.
  • Taking away the potential financial burden off family
  • relatives or friends who would be financing your funeral.
How can we help you?

Personal Guidance

Our directors are personally involved with each pre-arrangement. When allowing us to discuss pre-planning, you will be speaking with professional people who provide funeral services tailored to your specific needs.

  • You meet with our funeral director.
  • You select the funeral and merchandise of your choice.
  • You receive a fully itemized statement and preneed agreement.
  • You give the funeral director a check payable to PrePlan.
  • PrePlan funds are placed in FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit.
  • You receive a deposit acknowledgment after the account has been opened.
  • Upon completion of your funeral
  • PrePlan sends the payment to the funeral director.
Pre-Planning Form

We take great pride in caring for our families, and always endeavor to provide the best service and arrange high quality, memorable Orthodox funerals to honour the deceased.

Antony Jeffrey, Funeral Director

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