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Romanian Orthodox Funerals

Romanian Orthodox Funeral Services Sydney

Romanian Orthodox Funerals

No one ever wants to have to plan a funeral, but when the time comes, it’s important to know your options. If you’re of the Romanian Orthodox faith, you may be wondering what the best way to honour your loved one is. 

At Orthodox Funeral Services, we work with you to create a Romanian Orthodox funeral service that honours the deceased and helps ease your suffering during this difficult time.


About Romanian Orthodox Funerals

Romanian Orthodox funerals are some of the most tradition-rich and spiritual ceremonies you will ever witness. Traditionally, they were celebrations with ornate masks and decorations, though many today have toned them down a bit. While appearing more sombre, they are still filled with deep meaning and traditions that have been passed down for centuries.

What to Expect from a Romanian Funeral Service

If you’re planning a Romanian Orthodox funeral, you can expect a few things.

The Location

First, the ceremony service will be held in an Orthodox church. This is because the Romanian Orthodox tradition holds that the soul cannot be at rest until it is buried in consecrated ground. 

The Wake

Second, there will be a wake, called a night watch, held before the funeral. This is an all night vigil on the night before the funeral that symbolises protection over the body from evil spirits. This watch, or priveghi, can take place over a three-day period, during which prayers are read by a priest. When complete, the body is transported to in an open casket to the final resting place. During the procession, the car carrying the body stops seven times, symbolising the stops Jesus made on the way to Calvary. 

The Funeral

The funeral itself is traditionally conducted in Romanian, but a translator is often provided for those that do not speak Romanian. Oftentimes, bocitoare, professional mourners, are engaged to wail as a way of keeping evil spirits at bay. 

There are other symbols observed during the funeral, such as:

  • mirrors are covered in black to prevent the deceased from getting lost in them
  • bath towels are hung from the crosses and tied around pallbearers’ hands
  • handkerchiefs referred to as homages are handed to the male mourners
  • candles are given to mourners entering the funeral service
  • crown carriers are designated and lead the procession out of the church

The Burial

After the funeral, the body will be taken to the cemetery for burial, and a memorial service will be held 40 days after the death. This is an important tradition in the Romanian Orthodox faith, as it is believed that the soul needs time to adjust to its new life in the afterlife.

A Romanian Orthodox Funeral in Sydney

Planning a Romanian Orthodox funeral can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little help from your priest and a careful understanding of the traditions, Orthodox Funeral Services offers a Romanian Orthodox Funeral you can be proud of. Ensure that your loved one is given a send-off that is befitting of their faith, call us on 1300 211 700 to discuss your traditional Romanian Funeral today.

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