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Burial Service Sydney

Why Choose a Burial

Burial is known as the ritual laying of the deceased into a grave below the ground or above it such as in a tomb, crypt, vault or mausoleum.  Different jurisdictions, states, and cultures have their own method in the burial process and we, at Orthodox Funeral Services acknowledge this.  There are many requirements when it comes to the burial portion of a funeral service.  The preparation itself, such as the embalming and placing of the body into a zinc liner inside the casket or coffin requires hard work.  This is the part we are very much known for.  Preparation begets success.  This is what defines our service.

Whether you choose a more modern approach to the burial process or you prefer the traditional approach, we will provide you with the most memorable experience which can help alleviate the grieving process.  In a burial, friends and family reunite and gather around each other while consoling and reflecting.  It is for this reason that Orthodox Funeral Services has to provide the proper venue where family and friends can comfort and support one another. We are known to provide the best environment for this setting which in turn makes it a therapeutic and memorable experience for the right reasons.

The Christian Orthodox church teaches that soul and body are created together at conception. Though separated at death, at the second coming of Christ, the body will be resurrected, spiritualised, and united with the soul to live together eternally in God’s kingdom. This is why those of the Orthodox faith do not cremate the bodies of their loved ones. According to the Holy Canons of the Church, the body of a deceased Christian must be returned to the earth through a church service followed by a burial service. The body is placed in a casket and set in a grave. It is necessary to have a cemetery plot, a grave liner or vault, and a marker or monument with the image of the Cross.

Our Orthodox Funerals directors are on call any minute of the day and available to answer all your questions. If you would like us to help you arrange a burial service which your deceased loved one deserves, call us on 1300 211 700.

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