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Funeral Arrangement Services

Experienced Funeral Directors

The death of a close person can come upon a family suddenly or unexpectantly and most often families haven’t pre-planned or pre-arranged the funeral. The arrangement of a funeral takes an estimate of two hours with experienced funeral directors from Orthodox Funerals. Our funeral directors have four generations of experience passed onto them and have been arranging Orthodox Funerals for over 30 years.

When a funeral hasn’t been pre-arranged prior to the death of a person, in most instances relatives and family such as the surviving spouse, parent, child/children, partner or siblings will be made responsible for planning the funeral service. When there is no next of kin who is closely associated with the deceased, usually close relatives or friends will arrange the funeral.

Funeral Planning and Arrangements for Orthodox Funerals

At Orthodox Funeral Services, funeral planning starts with an arrangement consultation. During this process the funeral directors will take into consideration your preferences and will help you decide on the various options available to you. There are many important religious, cultural, practical and celebratory portions of the funeral services which need to be taken into consideration and incorporated with great detail. There are also legal documents and requirements which need to be fulfilled and a date and time needs to be organised. Orthodox Funerals takes care of all of these intricate details and prepares everything ahead of time without any burden or stress on those organising the funeral.

The experienced directors and funeral planners at Orthodox Funerals provide funeral services to people of all religions, cultures or races  and can accommodate any kind of requests, particularly taking into consideration any traditions and customs. They can also assist you with newspaper notices, choosing the cemetery or crematorium, the type of coffin/casket to choose, clergy or celebrant who will need to be present, transport and vehicles needed on the day, floral arrangements and the like. After you decide on all the options you will be provided with an estimated cost to ensure the service is within your budget.

If you would like to speak directly to a funeral director from Orthodox Funerals, call 1300 211 700 for immediate assistance, an instant quote and to setup an arrangement consultation.

Choices to consider

  • When and where you would like the funeral to be held
  • The type of service you desire
  • If a burial or cremation will follow the service
  • What type of coffin or casket you would like for the deceased
  • Clothing you want for the deceased
  • Details about the viewing of the deceased
  • Who you would like to be involved
  • The type of floral arrangements
  • Motor vehicles you would like for the day
  • Writing and placing a death and/or a funeral newspaper notice
  • Alternatives to religious funerals
  • The choice of music or poetry for the service
  • Organising flowers or donations
  • Preparing a eulogy
  • Memorial books and cards
  • Catering
  • Whether to have a viewing
  • Order of Service or Life Review presentation
  • Will there be a gathering and refreshments afterwards

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Writing and placing classified death notices in newspapers;

Securing the death certificate and burial or cremation permit;

Arranging the purchase and opening of cemetery graves;

Arranging for your choice of church, priest, burial ground, when requested;

Providing coffin, cross, flowers (wreaths and arrangements);

Every other detail, we will have you covered.

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Our experience has shown us that each Orthodox culture and family has their own unique and quintessential values, customs and experiences. We believe it is of utmost importance to include all these considerations into the planning of the funeral service in order to appropriately respect our deceased loved one’s and their eternal memory.

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