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Orthodox Funeral Ceremonies

Here at Orthodox Funeral Services, viewing can be arranged at the request of family and friends in any of our pristine chapels or at a church of your choice.  This is one of the most emotional times of the service because it is where most people say their last goodbyes. Because of this, the place should be as soothing, relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Orthodox Funeral Services are proud of their personalised services rendered to all clients.  We perceive Viewings as one of the ways where families can personally meet the Funeral Director as well as the funeral staff.  Further discussion on how the funeral service will proceed can happen at this time.  It is also during this meeting that family can ask the Funeral Director for more questions about the service, what to expect, what else is needed, what will happen after, and the like.

The time spent during a viewing depends on the family.  Viewings can last for as long as an hour or two or even as long as 2 days to accommodate those who will be traveling far.  We at Orthodox Funeral Service understand the needs of each family and we are versatile enough to accommodate different requests.  We are proud of the personalised service we provide and this is one way where you can experience it.

Please note, however, that there will be times when the Funeral Director will suggest that viewing will not be in the best interest of the family or friends of the deceased, especially if requested.  This will be subject to discussion should a situation like this arise.

For more information, phone 1300 211 700.

Funeral Service Types

Prior to any burial or cremation, deciding on the kind of funeral service you want is the first step to the funeral service.  Questions such as whether a traditional burial is preferred over a cremation, whether the body is to be repatriated overseas or whether you prefer a single or dual service are important decisions which need to be decided immediately so that the funeral planning process can begin.

Single Funeral Service

This service is held only in one location which can either be at a burial site, crematorium or in any of the chapels of our funeral home. Because of this, travel time is less.  Using any of the chapels of Orthodox Funeral Service provides the best versatility when it comes to timing.  Our facilities are always open to use for wakes and the refreshments needed.

Dual Funeral Service

This is the most popular type of service.  It makes use of a church or chapel followed by a funeral procession to either the crematorium or cemetery.  The Dual service is also called the traditional service because it is more attuned to traditions, attendance as well as participation of friends and family.

Traditional or Modern?

Deciding on a traditional or modern funeral service is often the most difficult choice to make as families often want to balance culture, religion, personal preferences and sometimes modern practices. The funeral directors at Orthodox Funerals can walk you through all the options in relation to traditional and modern funeral services which will help you with your consideration.

Orthodox Funeral Services aims to fulfill the wishes of the deceased family to the utmost detail and therefore will respect your choices and work to exceed your expectations. If you would like personalised guidance, suggestions and options, please contact an Orthodox Funerals director on 1300 211 700.

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