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Funeral Services Cost

Over30 years experience arranging Orthodox Funerals

Orthodox Funerals is a fourth generation family operated business, whose funeral directors have many years of experience witnessing, experiencing and providing assistance and support during the overwhelming feelings of pain and loss when someone dear has passed away in a family. We understand that planning and arranging a funeral service can be quite a source of stress to many. Because of this, we have made our funeral costs very reasonable and competitive. The costs are also flexible so as to ensure that every family will be able to choose from a wide variety of options and services.

Funeral costs will reflect the cultural, personal and financial needs of your family. We make sure you can completely trust and rely on us when entrusting your deceased beloved  with us. Many people often like to acquire information beforehand before making a personal arrangement with a funeral director. For this reason, Orthodox Funerals is at available to respond to any of your questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Moreover, when it comes to the costs, we will provide you with a list of payment proposals and outline all the services with the corresponding cost of each type of funeral service. The costs will take into consideration yours and your deceased loved one’s requests and the aim of providing a memorable and comforting funeral which is deserved.

The costs are directly categorsed into two sections. These sections are the Funeral Director’s payment and the fees given to the other parties who comprise the group. The disbursements are given on behalf of the bereaved family and are subjected to the funeral invoice. The overall costs will depend on the type of service you will choose.

Please call us 1300 211 700 to speak with our compassionate and friendly funeral directors, so that you can feel confident and content with choosing our services.


1. Professional service fees –

This incorporates all of the tasks and services involved in arranging, planning and conducting the funeral.

2. Coffins or caskets –

The pricing of coffins or caskets depend entirely on the construction/type, quality, finish and style that is chosen.

3. Cemetery or Cremetoria charges –

Charges set by the cemetery or crematorium.

4. Other fees –

Newspaper notices, floral tributes, transportation etc.

Orthodox Funerals can assist you by providing a personalised quote. In the case of arranging a prepaid funeral, you will be able to determine your budget and requirements directly with us and we will advise you on the various options available.

We strongly believe that each funeral is distinct to every family and as such cannot generalise the costs of the funeral service. There are some inclusions required where there can be fixed costs. Some of these are also negotiable under certain circumstances. Expenses can be covered by life insurance benefits, Veterans Affairs Department, death benefits from the Social Security and the pre-planned arrangement of the deceased.

At Orthodox Funerals, we abide by and work in accordance to the mandates of the Office of Fair Trading (Funeral Goods and Services) Regulations. The said regulation enables different families to find affordable and satisfying funeral services necessitating only a number of basic requirements to be presented.

For more information, phone 1300 211 700 or email us on

Understanding Funeral Costs

Generally most people have minimal or no experience when it comes to handling and organising a funeral service such as the preparation and filing of legal documents. In addition to that, bereaved people can become emotionally and physically distraught throughout the process after the death of a loved one. For this reason, people resort to seeking expert services of a professional funeral home as their source of comfort and stress relief.

Many clients prefer Orthodox Funeral Services because we have over 30 years of experience in providing high quality and personalised funeral services to hundreds of thousands of families. At Orthodox Funerals, we give reasonable and affordable funeral prices. We abide with the law by providing a general price list to every client who visits our funeral home. The price list contains itemised costs which are available. The law also mandates that every funeral home must provide a price list over the phone to those who want to enquire and as such we can provide immediate quotes over the phone.

Funeral prices will include the funeral director’s expertise, costs of the staff’s services for the funeral and the chosen cemetery or chapel’s services. Church services can also be included if desired. Other costs include the cemetery arrangement, transportation of the deceased and the aftercare and dressing of the deceased.

Costs will also differ as to what type of coffin or casket the family or the deceased loved one has specified. Miscellaneous fees include the memorial book where the guests will sign, bookmarks and the registration and death certificate as legal documents. If the family or the deceased do not own a plot, then that will be another expense on their behalf. If there is already an available plot then keep in mind that cemeteries have opening and closing payments to charge their customers. The prices vary from one cemetery to another.

Optional funeral prices include the service fees of the celebrant or the clergy, arrangement fees, embalming services, public notary services, use of a mourning car, thank you notes, professional fees of a singer or a choir and an organist if wished by the mourners.

For more information, phone 1300 211 700 or email us on

Payment Options

We accept all credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), bank cheque or cash.

Standard Cost Items

Service Fee – (professional fees) this is the cost for the Funeral Director to arrange and perform the funeral. Not only does this fee vary for each Funeral Director, but also exactly what the fee incorporates. Careful comparison of what each funeral company offers is necessary. Apart from the cost, there is also the level of customer service, years of experience and facilities to consider. Like many things in life, the cheapest is not often the best value.

Coffin or Casket – There is a wide range to choose from and costs vary depending on the quality of materials used and the style.

Burial/Cremation fees – costs are standard from the particular cemetery or crematorium chosen. These should be charged to you at price from the Funeral Director.

Optional Cost Items

There are many options that can be added to the funeral process and taken care of by the Funeral Director. All are usually at an additional cost to the service fee.

The options would generally include mourning vehicles, floral tributes, placement of press notices, obtaining additional health or legal certificates, memorialisation requirements, use of chapel, viewing arrangements, function facilities, church/clergy fees, embalming and repatriation interstate or overseas. At Orthodox Funeral Services we are confident that we will be able to take care of any request.

Tailored Options

The above funeral costs are of course subject to negotiation and the funeral director will take into account your needs and budget requirements.

For more information, phone 1300 211 700 or email us on

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Funeral Information and Pricing Disclosure

These prices are effective 1 January, 2021 and are subject to change without notice.

The goods and services shown below are the basic services we can provide to our clients.
You may choose only the items you desire or add extras which can be discussed during the funeral arrangement process.
However, any funeral arrangements you select will include a charge for our basic services and overheads.

Click Here to Download Basic Funeral Costs – Orthodox Funerals

Let Us Handle the Details

Writing and placing classified death notices in newspapers;

Securing the death certificate and burial or cremation permit;

Arranging the purchase and opening of cemetery graves;

Arranging for your choice of church, priest, burial ground, when requested;

Providing coffin, cross, flowers (wreaths and arrangements);

Every other detail, we will have you covered.

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Bespoke Funerals

Personalisation of Services

Our experience has shown us that each Orthodox culture and family has their own unique and quintessential values, customs and experiences. We believe it is of utmost importance to include all these considerations into the planning of the funeral service in order to appropriately respect our deceased loved one’s and their eternal memory.

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